MSOE computer science students will learn in AI, 大数据, and robotics labs in Diercks Hall while leveraging Rosie, MSOE’s GPU supercomputer to support large, real-world applied exercises.  Students will also work on capstone projects with industry sponsors to further gain experience aligned with industry demands.  MSOE’s computer science degree prepares students for careers in a wide variety of computing areas including: app development, 工程数据, 数据科学, 软件工程, 系统编程, 网络安全, 机器学习, 还有更多.


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Computer science is one of the fastest growing, highest paying professions with impacts in virtually every corner of society. You’ll leave MSOE with a strong core skill set in 应用数学, programming languages, algorithms and artificial intelligence.

You may want to consider CS at MSOE if you...

    • Enjoy solving problems or playing with computers
    • Find bugs or errors in software and think “I would have done this differently”
    • Are fascinated by apps and wonder “how does this work?”
    • Enjoy logic and are able to do mathematics with precision
    • Are prepared to be a lifelong learner to keep up with trends in the rapidly-changing computer industry
    • Enjoy exploring the tradeoffs between multiple ways to solve a problem
    • Appreciate understanding and expressing the steps to solve a problem
    • Are intrigued by artificial intelligence or 机器学习


Hear about the growing influence of AI in our everyday lives with MSOE faculty and student Ethan Hindes in MSOE's podcast, Rethink What's Possible:

Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming prominent in more and more industries each day, including health care. 听医生说. Sheila Ross, Electrical 工程 and 计算机科学 Department chairperson; Dr. 约翰Bukowy, Electrical 工程 and 计算机科学 Department assistant professor; and student Ethan Hindes discuss the advancements of AI, its impact on their research on kidneys with the Medical College of Wisconsin, and how Hindes found his way to computer science.   



This program was developed to meet or exceed requirements of the Computing 认证 Commission (CAC, 内部委员会 教唆)标准.



We're proud that 94% of 2022-23 graduates from our computer science program are fully employed, enrolled in graduate school or enlisted in a branch of the military after graduation.

2024 Career Connections Center Annual Report

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Computing Code of Conduct

了解更多 about how to collaborate, while avoiding plagiarism, in your software development courses at MSOE with the EECS computing code of conduct.